The Challenges in Uganda

The challenges in Uganda seem enormous. 2.5 million Orphans in Uganda due to the AIDS epidemic, extreme poverty and disease, 70,000 to 110,000 children die of malaria --- or between 190 and 300 deaths per day.  

However, standing in the face of these extreme statistics is a mustard seed of hope. In response to these issues and amidst overwhelming odds, Paul Mwesigwa founded Blessed Family Child Center in Kabaale Village seeking to minister to orphans and HIV widows. 

Their mission statement reads “To improve the quality of life, physical, social and economical status of the Ugandan people especially children and women through community based development programs.”

Armed with a desire to save these children and a deep abiding faith in Jesus Christ, Paul rehabilitated an old building to form the first Kindergarten in the village. It immediately filled to capacity with 50 children. Immediately, Paul and his team began addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of these precious little children as well as their families. 

Paul and his team knew they couldn’t do it alone.  And so from the beginning they prayed that the God, who prompted him to begin Blessed Family, would also send people to walk alongside them. God heard his prayer and sent a group from Maine to Kabaale for a visit that changed their lives forever. After that visit the group returned home to Maine and formed Uganda Aids Healing Outreach (The name was changed to Hope and Mercy Mission and the mission was officially incorporated).

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